About Datacom

Our Vision:

We are an IT Solutions Provider focusing on managed services and bundling solutions to find customers savings and security in IT. We offer a full line of network support services which include network automation, self healing networks, and a cutting edge approach to planning and development. We will continue to add products and services to our bundles and solutions as technology evolves and changes, and we have an R&D team dedicated to doing so. We truly think outside the box and strive to provide customers with solutions needed to run their business more efficiently, and profitably.

People here enjoy coming to work everyday. It’s a fun and exciting place to work and be a part of. We are very team oriented with little room for politics as everyone is so focused on the vision and working together as a team to accomplish a common goal.

We will treat clients as partners in technology and grow together. Our business is a fun place to be and it radiates from the inside out to the public. We attract customers and employees who seek something more from technology. They are looking for, and get, an experience…not just a device or solution to a problem. They want to be a part of our business so they can use technology to grow and advance their personal self and business through and with technology.

People are lining up at the door to work here because of our culture. People treat each other with respect and as friends no matter what the scenario. Our culture is so thick it bleeds out to the public through our customer’s eyes. People that work here are so talented and smart that we must afford everyone the opportunity to express their ideas and use their ideas in our day to day work.

Wow this place is Amazing! Everywhere we look it feels inspiring and innovative!